Kindly find enclosed the instruction of writing a review paper in APA format. 

Review paper commonly refers to literature review, which is a critical, analytical summary and synthesis of the current knowledge of a topic. As per APA guidelines, 

"it should:

  1. Have a particular focus or theme to organize the review.
  2. Discuss the significant academic literature important for that focus.
  3. Compare, relate, and contrast different theories and findings.
  4. Reflect trends over time.
  5. Be written in a legible academic style, leading logically from idea to idea.
  6. Paraphrases your findings.
  • Remember to use parenthetical references in the text, for example: ...describe recent trends in supervision (Diaz, 2006; Stacey & Holmes, 2004).

Keep in mind that if your literature review stands alone—distinct from a thesis, study or dissertation—it should include a brief introduction and conclusion."

Accordingly, while writing such theoretical paper in you have to develop a theme, describe the relevance, mention a large number of studies with an appropriate time frame, by grouping them in common themes, leading logically from idea to idea. An appropriate conclusion is also required at the end with your recommendations.

Too few studies don’t lead to a very concrete conclusion that can be universally applicable. Kindly ensure adding sufficiently large number of studies spread over entire time span, or at least a wide time span before sending it to editor-in chief. Review has to be critical in nature.

Thanking you with best wishes


Promila Batra

Editor in Chief

Bhartiya Journal of Counseling Psychology