Pseudo psychological practices in counselling settings in India


  • Dr Rajesh Bhatt
  • Saumya Dhasmana



This paper attempts to emphasize the importance and need of evidence-based scientific psychotherapies and it criticises the pseudo psychological practices in counselling settings in Indian context. It is an increasingly accepted reality of the day that the field of pseudo psychotherapies has become broader. These pseudo practices in psychology encompass numerous unscientific and non-established so called therapeutic methods. These pseudo therapies are viewed as either a helping resource or a substitute to conventional psychological and medical treatment by the laymen. Many quacks as well as psychologists also have been practicing these pseudo therapies for a long time without checking their scientific validation. Such pseudo therapies are mainly based on placebo effect. That’s why there is urgent need to educate psychologists, clients and their caretakers to learn to discriminate the scientific ways from the non-scientific ones, so that they can make right and effective health care choices for psychological treatment which are safe, effective and scientific.



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Bhatt, R., & Dhasmana, S. (2021). Pseudo psychological practices in counselling settings in India. BHARATIYA JOURNAL OF COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY, 1(1).